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<speak><p><s>Europe's new space budget to enable <sub alias="carbon dioxide">CO2</sub> mapping.</s><p>

<p><s>Europe will press ahead with a network of satellites to track carbon dioxide emissions across the globe.</s></p>

<p><s>They will be developed out of a new European Space Agency budget agreed in <lang xml:lang="es-ES">Seville</lang> Spain.</s></p>

<p><s>Research ministers on Thursday approved a package of proposals worth some <sub alias="14.4 billion euro">€14.4bn</sub> (<sub alias="equivalent to 12.3 billion pounds or 15.9 billion dollars">£12.3bn/$15.9bn</sub> )over the next five years.</s></p>

<p><s>As well as the new <sub alias="carbon dioxide">CO2</sub> monitoring system the funds will also pave the way for missions to the Moon and Mars.</s></p>

<p><s>"You're looking at a very happy DG" said <lang xml:lang="de-DE">Jan Wörner</lang> the director general of <phoneme alphabet="ipa" ph="'i:sa"> Esa</phoneme> after getting pretty much everything he wanted from the Space19+ Ministerial Council</s><s>It always looks so simple</s><s>But it took more than two years of preparations to get here</s><s>Unbelievable!"</s></p>

<p><s><lang xml:lang="de-DE">Jan Wörner</lang> tweeted: The biggest ever budget has been given to <phoneme alphabet="ipa" ph="'i:sa">Esa</phoneme> at #Space19plus today Now I look forward to seeing <phoneme alphabet="ipa" ph="'i:sas">ESA's</phoneme>talents implement the ambitious and inspiring programmes subscribed by our Member States.</s></p>

<p><s>While there were multiple projects being considered here it is the support given to Earth observation <say-as interpret-as="spell-out">EO</say-as>that catches the eye.</s></p>

<p><s>Delegates from 22 nations had been asked to pledge <sub alias="1.4 billion euro">€1.4bn</sub> (<sub alias="or 1.2 billion pounds">£1.2bn</sub>) to expand the so-called Copernicus programme which flies a suite of Sentinel satellites to track the health of the planet </s><s>At the end of two days of discussions the actual figure committed was <sub alias="1.8 billion euro">€1.8bn</sub> (<sub alias="or 1.5 billion pounds"> £1.5bn</sub>).</s></p>

<p><s>The extra cash will enable <phoneme alphabet="ipa" ph="'i:sa">Esa</phoneme> to improve the performance of the new Sentinels.</s></p>

<p><s>The three spacecraft that will make up the carbon dioxide constellation will have their resolution increased to be able to map grid squares across the globe of just 2km across </s><s>And their swath the width of their vision will be increased from 200km to nearly 300km </s><s>In addition the satellites will be given more instruments to help tease apart the <sub alias="carbon dioxide">CO2</sub> coming from natural sources from that which is being produced by humans.</s></p>

<p><s>The enhanced capability is expected to be a potent tool in helping all nations not just European ones better understand their carbon footprint.</s></p>

<p><s><phoneme alphabet="ipa" ph="'i:sa"> Esa</phoneme> wants to get the new Sentinel system launched by <sub alias="2025 or 26">2025/26</sub>
to align its mapping service with the global stocktake of emissions that will be undertaken in 2028 as part of the Paris climate deal.</s></p>

<p><s>As well as <sub alias="carbon dioxide">CO2</sub>- sensing satellites the expanded Copernicus programme will develop five other systems to measure a range of Earth variables from the extent of Arctic sea-ice to the temperature of the global land surface.</s></p>

<p><s>The impressive backing for these new Earth observing spacecraft was driven largely by Germany which pledged <sub alias="518 million euro">€518m</sub> <sub alias="or 444 million pounds">£444m</sub>) of the total <sub alias="1.8 billion euro">€1.8bn</sub>.</s><s> Its industry will now get the bulk of the <sub alias="research and development">R&D</sub> contracts.</s></p>

<p><s>"Earth observation is the cornerstone of German space policy said <lang xml:lang="de-DE">Thomas Jarzombek</lang> from the nation&apos;s Economic Affairs Ministry.</s></p>

<p><s>"People are more and more interested in climate change and what we can do to protect ourselves against it </s><s>Information is key because we can only really act against climate change if we understand what is going on </s><s>Copernicus gives us better data he told BBC News.</s></p>

<p><s>It should be stated that Copernicus is a joint venture between <phoneme alphabet="ipa" ph="'i:sa">Esa</phoneme> and the EU with the latter covering 70% of the overall costs.</s><s>Brussels&apos; contribution to the expansion programme has yet to be determined.</s></p>

<p><s>"There is today about <sub alias="6 billion euro">€6bn</sub> (<sub alias="or 5.1 billion pounds">£5.1bn</sub>) foreseen as part of the <sub alias="EU">[EU]</sub> budget for space.</s><s>And we look forward to completing the constellation with the recurring <sub alias="satellites">[satellites]</sub> which are to be paid for by the EU along with of course their operatfion explained <phoneme alphabet="ipa" ph="'i:sa"> Esa</phoneme> <say-as interpret-as="spell-out">EO</say-as>director <lang xml:lang="de-DE">Josef Aschbacher</lang>.</s></p>

<p><s>Across the entire Space19+ budget request the top contributing countries were:</s></p>

<p><s>Germany <sub alias="3.3 billion euro">€3.3bn</sub> (<sub alias="or 2.8 billion pounds">£2.8bn</sub>) which is a 23% share of the total budget</s></p>

<p><s>France <sub alias="2.7 billion euro">€2.7bn</sub> (<sub alias="or 2.3 billion pounds">£2.3bn</sub>) which is an 18.5% share.</s></p>

<p><s>Italy <sub alias="2.3 billion euro">€2.3bn</sub> (<sub alias="or 1.8 billion pounds">£1.8bn</sub>) which is 16%</s></p>

<p><s>UK <sub alias="1.6 billion euro">€1.6bn</sub> (<sub alias="or 1.4 billion pounds">£1.4bn</sub>) which is 11.5%</s></p>

<p><s>The UK&apos;s subscription after this meeting will rise from <sub alias="355 million euro">€355m</sub> (<sub alias="or 304 million pounds">£304m</sub>) per year to <sub alias="440 million euro">€440m</sub> (<sub alias="or 377 million pounds">£377m</sub>) per year .

<p><s>Graham Peters the chair of the trade association UKSpace sees this as a positive outcome.</s></p>

<p><s>"It gives us a fantastic platform upon which we can now build the national space programme to develop new sovereign capabilities and to start collaborating more globally to drive exports he said .</s></p></speak>